March 22-24 2019 Unleash Your WOW Womens Retreat
to Mar 24

March 22-24 2019 Unleash Your WOW Womens Retreat

Are YOU ready to claim one of the two remaining spaces in this powerful, empowering and profoundly healing retreat? Need a little more information? I've included the description below.

Unleash your WOW! Retreat 
(There are only 2 spots left)
Isn't it time for you to unleash your deepest desires? Live your passion out loud? Embrace the boldness of your Spirit? Step into your personal power unapologetically?

Then say YES! to yourself and attend this incredible all inclusive 2 night 2 full day retreat where you will rediscover and fully embrace all the best parts of yourself while releasing limiting beliefs, old patterns & old stories that hold you back from living your most brilliant life.

Are you ready to go on the adventurous journey of a lifetime to rediscover your purpose, reconnect to your highest self and renew your excitement & passion for living a life you LOVE? Then say yes to yourself by reaching out today to see if this retreat is what your Soul has been guiding you towards.

Retreat includes:
* One on one work with Jennifer and one of her horse healing partners
* Quiet time to journal and reflect
* Fire ceremony
* 3 (1) hour long group coaching sessions post retreat for added support
* One hour long one on one phone coaching session with Jennifer pre and post retreat
* Deep connection with 3 other like minded Souls
* Lodging as well as delicious, healthy organic meals and snacks 
* Special surprises

Due to the fact that there are only 2 spots left don't hesitate to reach out today to have a conversation to see if this retreat is right for you. Isn't it time you stepped into the energy of Spring in your life?

Contact Jennifer at today

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Copy of Monthly Group Coaching Session Saturday March 16, 2019
1:30 PM13:30

Copy of Monthly Group Coaching Session Saturday March 16, 2019

Are you ready to experience the powerful healing of partnering with horses?

 Imagine a world where it’s second nature to ask for what you really want and get it. Imagine being able to say no and feel good about it. Imagine actually feeling GOOD about investing in yourself because you know it will benefit all areas of your life. 

Do the ones you love the most feel left out and neglected because you always seemed to be focused on 10 things all at once all the time and never really on them? I know you love them, you truly do!

Do you say to yourself, “If I could just get my schedule under control I could finally enjoy my life”?

Do you ever get frustrated that you always seem to be working hard but don’t seem to have anything to show for it? You know you’re doing most things right in your life but when it comes to money you always seem to have more going out than coming in and you’d LOVE to regain your independence over your Money.

There are just so many demands on your time that there’s nothing left over for you. 

If you’re ready to finally learn how to say yes to yourself and master the art of putting yourself first, the secret to standing fully in your power without apology and engaging in radical self-care then register today for the next Group Coaching where you’ll learn the step by step, ‘how to’ formula to create healthy boundaries without anger, be the leader that YOU need to be in your own life to create your dream life along with how to engage in radical self-care.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

* Learn what a healthy boundary FEELS like in your body
* Experience BE-ing present in a whole new way
* Discover the secret to protecting yourself energetically
* Partner with horses to heal past pain permanently
* Lunch and all materials included
* Limited to 20 participants
Price for the full day is only $49

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