Last year my brother came to visit! He is a 30-year-old man who has suffered from a Trumatic brain injury as a child. He has a deep love for animals, especially farm animals. I met Jennifer at a networking group and instantly knew she would be able to support my brother in some changes he was trying to make. Jennifer was extremely professional and made the environment safe and fun! She spent the first 20 minutes of the session teaching us about the horse safety and letting my brother warm up to the experience. The experience of interacting with the horses was incredible, both the knowledge of Jennifer and the horses helped my brother make positive adjustments. It was truly an unique and valuable experience.
— Karen G.

Jennifer embodies the soulful, intuitive nature of the true healer. Her ability to help you get in touch with a core truth that needs to see the light of day is one of her greatest gifts. Of course, the horses only amplify the work... and their muzzles are so dang soft!
— Linda
Jennifer is amazing. I have had the opportunity to work with her and she is the real deal. I loved the way she guided me through a process and helpted me see what I did not see before. Thank you so much Jennfer.
— XOXO Christine

I had the blessing of being coached by Jennifer today! Coaching session, divine guidance, head-body-belief connection awareness wake up,...and more! Thank you Jennifer for your wise and intuitive coaching and guiding...in your caring, cushioned sphere. A most generous gift. It was a wonderful session...and brought new awareness. I’m going to do my homework!
— Sheryl

I had a core healing through Jennifer’s healing gifts through a horse as a vehicle. It is time for us all to heal from the inside out! Our world needs us to be healthy, whole, One! #OneLove #TimeToHeal #NoExcuses
— Rochelle
Awesome! When ever you need a lift from an angel.... this is where you go!
— Stephanie

I recently attended a 2 retreat & had the pleasure of working directly with Jennifer as she coached me through many stumbling blocks that had been holding me back in my life. Jennifer is AMAZING at what she does & my life has been forever changed thanks to this loving woman. I am so blessed to have had this experience with her and to have her in my life!!
— Denice

Working with Jennifer is transformative. She has a very gentle way of challenging you and bringing about change you did not know was possible.
— Emily
Jennifer guided me through an incredible growing experience which increased my knowledge of my personal power and gifts. If you have the great opportunity to work with Jennifer, DO IT!
— Laura

I LOVE Jennifer!!!!
She has a beautiful spirit, has overcome HUGE obstacles in her own life. She is an inspiration to me!
— LaNita