In a few short weeks, I'll be crossing the finish line of my 40's and entering into a new and exciting event which will be my 50's. I crossed a LOT of finish lines in my 40's. And I mean a LOT!   

My fitness events include crossing the finish lines of 5K's complete with obstacles, 10K's, 100+ mile bike rides, Sprint & Olympic distance triathlons and 1, 1.5 & 2-mile open water swims. I've collected many finisher medals, all of which I'm extremely proud of. Professionally I've coached over 200 beginner athletes, most of whom were women, across the finish line of their own fitness events and as proud as I am for my accomplishments, in many ways I'm much more proud of them for theirs.

I signed up for the Warrior Dash in June, it's a 5K run with obstacles. I did this event a few years ago but this time it will be a VERY different experience for me and not just because I'll be 50. My TBI (Traumatic brain Injury) took a very large toll on me physically. My journey back to being as fit as I was has been pretty challenging. I used to be able to ride my horse for hours without being sore. A little tired perhaps but never sore. Now I ride for 30-40 minutes and I'm SORE for a couple of days. I even get kind of sore from a brisk walk 3-mile walk and I've noticed that I breathe a lot harder than people when walking briskly up a hill. Sigh. That person was always someone else, not me.  Again, sigh...

Every day I have a choice. I can choose to continue to move forward to the best of my ability or I can give up and throw in the towel. I'd be lying if I said I always make the choice to move forward. There are days that I throw in the towel. More than I care to admit. The important thing for me is that I go find that thrown towel, pick it up and keep trying. So far I've always wanted to find my towel, which is in many ways, is the most important part of achieving my goals. After all, how can I cross a finish if I've truly thrown in my towel?

Here's to thrown towels that keep getting picked up.

Love, Jennifer Expert Towel Finder <3

Written by Jennifer Malocha On March 15, 2014