So you know how I decided to make my health a priority by getting more fit active and healthier? My oldest son suggested that we try following and eating the 'Paleo' way for a month. Can I just say that it SEEMED like a good idea at the time? Keep in mind that this is the same child that when I put protein powder in my special coffee cake, in an effort to provide my family with more nutritious food, he would let me know in no uncertain terms that it simply wasn't nearly as good as my 'normal' coffee cake. 

I told my beloved child that I would be happy to join him on his eating adventure as long as it was 1) easy for me to follow 2) he did most of the work in regards to planning 3) I didn't DIE. Well, I'm on my 5th full day of following this way of eating and let me just say for the record that generally it's a very good thing I'm doing. Generally. 

Did I mention that when following the Paleo way, one can eat NO, I repeat NO grains of any kind or potatoes or apparently hummus. So far over the past 5 days, I've decided that a life without hummus is a life not worth living and have added it back into my repertoire. I've also slipped twice. Both times involved my favorite lime-flavored corn chips.  I have done great not being tempted by one of my FAVORITE foods on the planet - anything baked or bread-like. Seriously this is the longest I've gone without my beloved bread stuffs and pasta in my entire life! I deserve a medal or something. Really I do.

I'm pretty sure I'm going through withdrawal from not consuming processed foods (and corn chips) I've had the headache from HELL all day today. Granted that may have been from the tequila last night but I think that's just hearsay AND my 45-minute long walk in the woods didn't cure it so it MUST be processed food withdrawal. Right?  Also, I'm not taking any multivitamins and my urine is yellow which is a sure sign that nutrients are gaining access to my poor traumatized system.  Honest to GOD, the thought of a potato chip makes me drool. Not simply because they are delicious but because of the texture. The crunchy yumminess calls to me like a siren calling sailors to their destruction on the reefs. I think it an important public service announcement to let you know if you happen to eat a potato chip in my near vicinity you may lose some fingers or quite possibly your hand as I wrench it from your unsuspecting fingers.

Anyway, did I mention that no grains are to be consumed while eating Paleo? I'm seriously DYING for grains and I'm pretty sure that my beloved Quinoa misses me just as much as I miss it, which means that my child, who is hell-bent on killing me with healthy eating is simply going to have to understand when he finds me hiding scarfing down a bowl of  healthy goodness. 

I'll keep you all posted on my progress on the path to a healthier and more slender Jennifer I promise IF my child doesn't succeed in killing me with all this healthy food I'm eating.

Here's to you in health, wellness, and fitness

Love, Jennifer 206-601-2485


Written by Jennifer MalochaOn April 25, 2015