How on EARTH can the scale be right?!?!? How did this HAPPEN?!?!?! WTF??? This SUCKS.

These were all thoughts scampering through my mind when I looked down at the scale I was standing on. I have known for quite a while that something needed to happen, that I really needed to get serious and start living life the way I used to before my brain injury. In all honesty, I've never in my entire life weighed this much or been this out of shape. It's seriously daunting and, I admit, scary. 

I have always had great respect, love, and compassion for my overweight, out of shape clients. The one thing I didn't have was first-hand knowledge of how it FELT to be overweight and out of shape. I do now. Everything takes way more effort, I have so much less energy and drive, my 'fat' clothes are getting too tight and unfortunately, I still have the same old appetite.

My respect for my clients has grown dramatically during this adventure. Their courage and perseverance is to me EPIC and heroic.  While I KNOW the rewards of being healthy and fit the vast majority of my clients don't, they simply TRUST that things will get better. That they'll feel better. That I'm actually telling them the truth. They simply live on faith and that to me is incredible and impressive.

The one thing they have going in their favor that I don't... Since they have nothing to compare their new level of fitness with they get super excited and motivated to keep going. While I, on the other hand, keep comparing what I USED to be able to do with where I am and trust me that isn't at ALL helpful.

As of April 6th I have made a commitment to myself to do at least 20 minutes of cardio daily, eat healthier and become overall more active. My goal is to keep you all posted on my progress.

Here's to you in health, wellness, fitness, and love,

Jennifer Malocha

Head Coach and Healer at Wuhoo Coaching 206-601-2485


Written by Jennifer Malocha On April 18, 2015

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