What IS Gestalt? 

Gestalt focuses on here-and-now experience and personal responsibility. It was developed by Fritz and Laura Perls. The objective, in addition to overcoming symptoms, is to become more alive, creative, and free from the blocks of unfinished 'business' which can diminish satisfaction with life, fulfillment, and growth.

All of our experiences both positive and negative are stored in our bodies on a cellular level.  In order to fully let go of the past we need to be able to release the negative emotions which are stored in our very cells.   

We do not need to relive the experience, we simply need to be able to tap into and access the emotions we felt at the time the unfinished business was created in able to release it fully from our bodies.

Clients have the option of experiencing Gestalt coaching in person, over the phone or a combination of the two.  

Most people have forgotten that we are Spiritual Beings walking around in human suits.  So many people are just floating heads tat no longer know how to access their 'hardware'. Our 'hardware' is simply our bodies. There is tremendous knowledge and wisdom stored in our bodies just waiting for us to tapping into it.

When we are able to break free of the chains of being frozen by indecision which leads to inactivity, past trauma or loss then we are able to experience living a joy filled life of grace and ease.  

Don't wait to step into the Sunshine and breathe the fresh air of freedom that comes from letting go of past hurts. I love helping clients discover the peace that comes from learning how to simply just BE. 

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